Personal Real Estate Corporation

About Sophia Zhou

There's an old Chinese saying:"Until you settle down in your own house, it's hard for you to focus and enjoy your career."

Like most immigrants, I went through the same process of settling down and starting a new life some years ago when I first moved to Vancouver from San Francisco. Luckily enough, I was able to anchor my life time career with passion: being a Real Estate Agent and providing my professional service with care and love to people in need.

Today, I am very proud to call Richmond my home. With over fifteen years experience in corporate marketing in both Asia and North America, I have a deep understanding of the blending of multi cultures. All the research and analytical techniques, presentation and communication skills I've learned, developed and honed through my education and every day practice, can now be applied to my work for the best benefits of my clients.

My goal is to help you buying and or selling properties in the shortest time possible at the most desirable price, and assist you in reaching a higher level of financial achievements. Your satisfaction is my ultimate reward.

There is so much in life to be explored here in our beautiful British Columbia. In my leisure time, I enjoy skiing and camping with my family, playing tennis and golfing with my friends, or swimming alone in the early mornings.  can't wait to share with you my love and appreciation for Vancouver, one of the most livable places on earth!